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The natural rate of extinction on Earth is one or two species per century. Scientists estimate we are currently losing up to 100 species per day, and most predict that half of the animal species alive today will become extinct in the next 100 years. When you sponsor an animal, you help us continue our conservation work here at the Zoo and around the world. And you help us continue sharing these animals’ magnificence with Zoo visitors.making a donation, you are recognized as an honored supporter of the Zoo. You distinguish yourself as a concerned citizen for the welfare of the natural world, and you ensure that your Zoo will continue to grow and serve our community for the benefit of generations to come.We truly hope you will consider making a generous contribution to the Savannah Zoo. By doing so, you touch many lives and take an active role in the Zoo's wildlife conservation efforts today and in the future.

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Adopt a Wild Friend

Individuals, companies, school classes, and organizations can choose one of our animals to "adopt" for a fee of $30 per animals. This donation helps pay for food, habitat maintenance, and veterinary care for our animals. You will receive a certificate with the animal's picture, a Fact Sheet about your animal and quarterly email updates about your new friend.